UPDATE: Desperate Times

Craigslist recently contacted WRNL stating that the “Wanted: Athletic Conference” post we discovered earlier was flagged for removal due to the ridiculous traffic Craiglist was receiving from the Big Sky and Sun Belt conferences, putting a strain on bandwidth. Turns out there are actually some suitors for the Cyclones, but much to the chagrin of ISU fans, and delight of wannabe Guido Hawkeye fans, no inquiries were filed on behalf of the Big 10 or Pac 10 Conferences, despite our stellar academics and riot proficiency. Maryland fans are said to be quite angry about being shown up and planning the largest riot in college history next month in response. Luckily, WRNL was able to capture a screenshot of the ad before it went down. Click for full view.


2 Responses to UPDATE: Desperate Times

  1. JStro02 says:

    Oh boo hoo CL! You got some decent traffic to your site for once, and got to be a part of something fun. Chill out a bit. Sorry they took this down, it was craze around here for sure!

  2. Go Big Rev says:

    That was awesome, guys.

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