Blame Texas For Big 12 Demolition

Goodbye Texas... We'll Miss You

So the cat is out of the bag. Nebraska is reportedly accepting an invitation to join the Big 10 (11,12…).

Chip Brown, primary contributor to, has been all over the demolition of the Big 12 this past week. Chip stated earlier in an interview on ESPN’s Sportscenter that Nebraska has informally accepted an invite to the Big 10, and as a result, Texas administrators called in various coaches from Texas’ athletic teams and informed those coaches that they did everything they could to save the Big 12, but failed, so it’s PAC-10 here we come!

Well Chip, you’ve been right so far and your insider info has been accurate, but leave the public relations spin out of this.

Texas tried to save the Big 12 my ass. This is exactly what UT wanted to happen. Nebraska leaves first, so they look like the bad guy. Now, UT has every excuse to bolt for the PAC-10 and take five friends with them, and destroy the Big 12 in the process.

If Texas wanted to save the Big 12, which only they had the power to do, why didn’t they reach out to TCU? What about Memphis, or Arkansas, or Louisville, or Cincinnati, or Houston? Losing Nebraska hurts, but they were replaceable.

The fact is, UT gets to save face here and they get what they wanted all along; a lucrative TV deal, a super-conference and no more trips to Ames, Manhattan or Lawrence.

Look, we don’t blame Nebraska or UT for screwing the Big 12. It’s business, after all, and they both are making a smart business decision.

At least Nebraska is doing this with a little class, and sparing us the PR bullshit spin. Don’t confuse the details here people. UT and UT alone could have saved this conference. Their clout and sphere of influence is greater than any other school in the NCAA.

They wanted this to happen, and even though Chip Brown is slinging shit, telling us how UT administrators tried to save the conference, we all know the truth.

Stick to reporting the facts Chip, you’re good at it. Leave the PR spin to the professionals.


One Response to Blame Texas For Big 12 Demolition

  1. Jim says:

    I’m not exactly sad. Big 12 north was a joke. Everyone knew that the south was where the magic happens. TCU has flourished without being in a powerhouse conference. No reason ISU can’t.

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