Ten Things That Say “I Love You Dad!”

With Father’s Day just around the corner the WRNL crew has compiled a can’t miss list of ideas to get your old man for Father’s Day. Seriously, you get your dad any of the below list…you could probably total his car and he wouldn’t care.

1. Take Dad to a baseball game, the perfect family atmosphere; the state of Iowa offers some great major minor league teams!

Ahh...the joys of golfing

2. Round of golf on you.  What better place to inconspicuously pick up women?

3. Surprise your father with a trip to Sniffers Row at your local strip club.  Nothing says father/son bonding like silicone in your face and astroglide scent on your clothes

4. Buy your old man a 30-pack of Natty Light and some earplugs to silence the outside world

5. Hook your father up with a year’s subscription to the Playboy channel (or magazine) and provide him with some quality alone time

6. Mow the lawn for him even though he will probably use the spare time to do something crazy like landscaping

7. Give your Dad a gift that will keep giving long after Father’s Day…buy your Mom the shake weight

It's like a gift from God!

8. Cook him a steak, pour him some beer, and hand him the remote.  Simple, yet proven

9. If you have a sister, do your dad a solid by beating the crap out of her boyfriend

10. Really go and wreck his car.  He may be pissed at first but once you make him realize he can use it as an excuse to spend time in the garage away from you and the wife he’ll bear hug you on the spot


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