Bobby Lutz-stache-off!!!

In honor of the hiring of assistant head coach Bobby Lutz to the Cyclone Basketball program WRNL had a “Lutz-stache-off”.  We asked our Facebook followers to submit images of people rocking Lutz quality mustaches with the promise of fame and riches for the best one. Well – consider the ‘fame’ part checked off the list, we’re sure the riches will follow any minute now.  Not that you Facebook ingrates deserve either one with such a shitty low participation rate.  In fact, we could name one of you a winner and the other guy would be the loser, you lazy sonsabitches.   (please keep following us – we know you like it rough)

Lutz-stache competitors

The mustached maniac himself - Bobby Lutz

I think even Bobby himself would agree that Bill Fennelly pulls off a mean fu manchu.  In fact, WRNL would like to encourage Bill to grow it out – it would easily intimidate its way to 3 or 4 more wins each season. 
One thing is certain, in a Lutz-stache-off everyone is a winner.

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