Celebrating #21

21st pick overall in the 2010 NBA Draft!

Unless you’ve been in a coma or on some kind of bender for the last day and a half, cough Andrew Long cough, you’re well aware that the NBA draft took place. On Thursday night, ISU big man Craig Brackins was the 21st pick in the 2010 Draft. He was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder and then immediately traded to The New Orleans Hornets. In the spirit of Brackin’s (#21) being selected as the 21st overall pick, Craig took it upon himself to celebrate in the only way he found fitting: a night of 21’s with his friends, family, and former ISU teammates. WRNL followed Craig and the star-studded group that included current players and former cyclone Curtis Stinson with him as they made their way around central Iowa to commemorate #21’s big draft day!

7:00pm- Let the 21’s begin! An unnamed publisher of a popular Cyclone website is politely asked to stop taking so many pictures at the draft party. Threats of 21 backhands are issued and an ultimatum is given, “What are you an Asian tourist? Knock it off or get to steppin”

8:20pm – Nothing says 21 like blackjack, right? Craig and a few of the boys head over to Meskwaki in Tama for some good old-fashioned gambling. Let me tell you, nothing pisses off a native like cashing in $21 repeatedly at the table. Well, calling him Cochise multiple times does too, but Bubu just doesn’t know any better.

10:15pm – The crew stops in Marshalltown at a local watering hole on their way back through. Luckily, JVB’s foreign language proficiency paid major dividends allowing him to be able to communicate with the bartender, “vente uno cerveza’s por favor”.

"I bet you can't"

10:55pm – A couple hours of gambling and drinking definitely starts to add up, eventually you have to break the seal. On a dare from Curtis Stinson, Brackin’s takes 21 paces backwards in the men’s room while maintaining a constant stream to the urinal. And to be honest, he probably could have taken a few more! And people questioned this guy’s strength? Please…

11:15pm – Brackins and the crew head down Highway 330 on a set of custom 21” rims in route to Des Moines. After all Craig’s an NBAer now so driving after drinking a few too many is something he’s going to need to become accustomed to. He’ll probably also want to make a rap video at some point, but that’s a little further down the road.

11:55pm – No celebration in central Iowa is complete without a stop at Beach Girls! Craig gets 21 “personal dances” on the house. Unfortunately, he now has more friction burns than a 13-year-old kid who just found the old man’s porn stash for the first time. Hopefully those heal up before summer workouts begin.

1:15 – Back to Ames just in time to slam a few before last call. And where do you go in campustown when you need to black out real quick? You guessed it, Cafe Beaudelaire. Those Long islands will get even the heaviest of drinkers goin’ in a hurry and essentially fuel amateur night at Dangerous Curves. We’re talking legal rohypnol here people!

2:30 – The now well-inebriated group, definitely feeling the effects of those “strong islands” and unable to remember where they parked the car, decide to hop the midnight shuttle over to the Sukup Basketball Complex. CB felt that a little game of 21 to celebrate the evening was in order. Oddly, Scott Christopherson won, clearly illustrating just how hammered everyone else was.

3:30 – At this point WRNL was encouraged to head home as most everyone else was ready for pass out time. Brackin’s former teammates and friends said their goodbyes and wished Craig the best in the NBA. Diante Garret congratulated Brackins one last time before heading home with a heart-felt man hug. However before leaving he stated, “Maybe I’ll go #10 in next years draft, then we can have a 10 party!” This was followed by an awkward silence that can only be compared to what is must be like when daddy hits mommy at the dinner table.

WRNL would like to thank Craig for allowing us to tag along on draft night…

In all seriousness we here at WRNL would like to congratulate CB on his big day. We just made up some funny shit to keep our street cred real!

this is where the party started… but after that, it was on 21 style!


5 Responses to Celebrating #21

  1. WRNL says:

    Wow…..this stuff was funny maybe twice…now things are just getting pathetic.

  2. cy-flippn-birdie says:

    I hope at least part of this story is true because that video of his party from Cyclones.com was almost the most boring bit of BS journalism I have ever seen…….reminded me of the stupid post game locker room speech by McDummit that was supposed to be like Paul Rhoads post Nebraska…

    • George of the jungle says:

      rest assured Cy-flippin, everything on WRNL is true.

      • cy-flippn-birdie says:

        then my dreams have come true…is it also true that all girls poop chocolate ice cream (because I prefer swirl or vanilla)?

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