It’s Independence Day Merica!

excuse me, I need a few minutes to be alone....

WRNL would like to wish all of our readers a wonderful 4th of July! Whether you are celebrating by blowing off a limb or accidentally setting friends and family on fire with something you smuggled back from Missour-ah, we wish you all the best!

For those of you who plan on commemorating Merica’s independence by randomly firing everything in the old man’s gun cabinet up into the air, remember two things: Iowa City is to the east and Lincoln is to the west. As long as you aren’t shooting straight up it’s a win-win situation if you ask me!

Nothing says 4th of July like boating, right? No, I’m not talking about heading up to Okoboji or taking the pontoon out on Saylorville, we’re talking Beach Girls here. I don’t think there’s anything more patriotic than motorboating some chick sporting a stars and stripes string-kini. Seriously though, these gentleman’s clubs go the extra mile to celebrate our independence… 21 ping pong ball salute!

If there’s one thing that’s a must on the 4th of July, it’s an abundance of adult beverages. I know I’ll be throwing down in the only style I believe in: Natty lights all around. Thanks Larry!

Disclaimer: WRNL does not encourage illegal use of firearms over the holiday weekend. But if you do, remember… East.

And could we really even attempt to pass this off as patriotic if we didn’t throw in a little Springsteen? Absolutely not!


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