Please Stop!

As if Notti Boy hasn’t done enough already towards making the entire state of Iowa look completely ridiculous, a group of planned parenthood regulars and dudes who one can only assume were kicked out of some kind of 98 Degrees cover band come along and try to one up him…

The factual representation references to “cornfield sex” being uncomfortable and the mystery that is why farmers tans are so damn sexy aside, this video has single handily set the entire state of Iowa back a minimum of ten years.  This is yet another dark chapter in what has become somewhat of an epidemic in eastern Iowa: terribly bad music videos. However, let’s not neglect the fact that western Iowa is giving everything it has to even the playing field…

The question now is not what to do about these videos that are out there, it’s how can we start rebuilding? This will in all likelihood be a focal point of the upcoming gubernatorial race.


6 Responses to Please Stop!

  1. I am a Cyentist says:

    Oh jesus christ.

    You know, this is why some people smirk when I tell them I grew up in Iowa. Iowa’s capacity for self-embarrassment seems limitless.

  2. leavit to the beav says:

    Damn skippy, this is some good stuff…kinda makes me want to get on the first plane to Sewer Schitty!

  3. LeCrazy says:

    Nice work St8 for putting this up.

  4. tx_chica says:

    Wow…..dope rapper… still my stomach…

  5. Snowcraig says:

    I am now dumber.

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