NCAA Football 11: God’s Gift to Guys

Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again, when NCAA Football is released and guys disappear into their mancaves for the next month. NCAA 11 is the best rendition yet (as it should be), but we are impressed at how much better it is, from the improved lighting and graphics, to the awesome new locomotion engine. To celebrate, we’ve used Teambuilder to create a WRNL All-star team.

Review the team here and download the team by searching for “wide right” as a school nickname on your PS3 or X-Box 360.

Our starting rosters:

QB – St8te: Only because the game wouldn’t let us select the role of “butthole pirate” for him.
HB – CylentButDeadly: His best move isn’t a spin or a juke, it’s clearing out the backfield with his BM.
WR1 – Plaxico Burress: Hey, when you have a chance to sign a guy who shot himself in the leg and is now sitting in jail, you gotta do it.
WR2 – KnowDan: Because college football needs more white wide receivers.
WR3 – Ed McCaffrey: See above.
TE – LeBartender: We trusted St8te’s advice on this, as he is the connoisseur of tight ends.
LT – CJWick: Loves to protect St8te’s backside. Usually fails at it.
LG – Aaron Agnew: We know he flamed out at ISU because he was just too goddamn fat for basketball…
C – Clone62: Enjoys getting balls fondled by the QB.
RG – GeronimousClone: Understated, but always there.
RT – Intoxycated: CJWick’s partner, in more than one way.

LE – Dosry: Likes to rape QBs (among others).
DT – Norman Underwood, Albert Haynesworth: Clogs up the middle, and stomps on people’s heads with cleats. Great tandem.
RE – Cmn Demon: no comment.
ROLB – Lawrence Taylor: Another prison league commit, and Dosry’s partner in crime.
MLB – The Miz: Likes to Ray Lewis dance pregame to pump up the team
LOLB – Compliance Linebacker: With a team full of prison leaguers and degenerates, someone has to keep us in line with the NCAA.
CB1 – Ellis Hobbs: Pillowfights in the locker room with Plaxico.
FS – Sean Taylor: We are bringing him back from the grave due to the fact he pisses excellence. Will lay out Nebraska’s punter for us if they try the ISU trick play.
SS – CanAzn: Wants to be David Sims. Will never be. Asians don’t make it in the NFL.
CB2 – IcSyU: He will hopefully be the greatest white CB in the NFL since…. Jason Sehorn.
K – Betty Cocker: We can go all Colorado on her if she gets out of line.
P – LeCrazy: Mostly useless, but there to bring the party. Also brings in the antiquing and “The Hills” crowd.

Notable additions:
QB2 – Ron Mexico: That isn’t jock itch that’s causing him to keep readjusting himself.
FB – William “The Refrigerator” Perry: Because we felt having a giant fat dude just for the novelty was a must.
FB2 – Serena Williams: Can you honestly say she isn’t shaped like a fullback? And she’s got the cock to prove it.
CB3 – Pacman Jones: Who else is going to accompany st8te every night to the “Script Clubs”  and show him how to make it rain?

Now you can dominate the NCAA with a team more full of degenerates, perverts, and criminals than even the “Bad Boy” Miami Hurricanes.


One Response to NCAA Football 11: God’s Gift to Guys

  1. This is classic, do you plan on doing one of these for NCAA 12?

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