Keeping Up With WRNL

Don’t waste your time sailing the limitless high seas of human knowledge and shenanigans that is the internet searching for other ISU satire sites, because there aren’t any. We’ve checked like three times. Allow WRNL to capitalize on the cock and ball joke market we now have cornered here in central Iowa. There are plenty of ways that you can follow what’s going on with WRNL, here are just a few…

Follow WRNL on Facebook

“Like” us on Facebook and feel free to add your own little contributions to our page. We encourage you to add poorly photoshopped pictures, humorous videos, borderline nudity, or call us and one another childish names. Facebook also offers both a discussion forum and a “review” option where you can give us constructive criticism, yell obscenities, or regale with us a tale of the time you were given a lifetime ban from Chuck E. Cheese. We’ve all been there. wait, what?

Follow WRNL on Twitter

Now we don’t actually know what Twitter or tweeting really is, or even how to use the word properly in a sentence for that matter. I believe it’s twatted? Anyway, we just want to be like Chip Brown, except without actually providing any factual information. Only true stories that we made up! And we’ve already got like 15 people following us, 4 of which are not our moms!

Receive email updates from WRNL

Subscribe to our blog and receive instant updates whenever something new is posted to either your email or account. Privacy Policy: We hereby promise to NOT sign you up to any homosexual in nature pornographic websites with your email.

WRNL would like to thank our readers for their continued support, despite all of the times we have most likely offended them. You are our base, you are the bricks that hold the foundation of WideRightNattyLight together. In our minds, you are this guy…


One Response to Keeping Up With WRNL

  1. I am a Cyentist says:

    Sorry guys. Google Reader. It’s the only way to go.

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