Entering The Field of Play

A fan ran on to the field Thursday night at Camden yards in Baltimore Maryland, however to the disappointment of most in attendance the rowdy teen escaped without taking a tazer to the face or even suffering any broken bones. Disappointing, I know. In fact ballpark security appeared to do almost nothing to stop the intruder from marauding around. This style of handling drunken fans coming out of the stands is largely unpopuler compared to the way things are handled in Philadelphia.

This unfortunate missed opportunity for a drunken bafoon to suffer severe spinal injuries or internal bleeding on the field brings about a question we would like to ask you, our readers.

You may want to take these into consideration before making your final answer…


3 Responses to Entering The Field of Play

  1. CYphyllis says:

    A sex deprived Pierre Pierce is released from his electrified cage (full gimp outfit already on); full on Pierre Pierce style shenanigans are allowed to ensue.

  2. tx_chica says:

    male nudity! male nudity!

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