just under 500,000 people bike the course each year


RAGBRAI is the popular acronym for the Really Awesomely Gay Bike Ride Across Iowa.  It is the oldest and largest organized ride across any of states in the union.  The ride consists of 10,000+ cyclists making their way across Iowa over the course of a week.  Support, vendors, and general partiers makeup another 10,000 that make it a small town moving 70 miles a day slowly through the corn fields.

Anyone who’s been on the ride can tell you of its greatness.  Basically you bike until your backside feels like you served a term in federal prison, then you drink, eat, jello wrestle, slip & slide and pass out somewhere.  Between 6-8 AM the next day you wake up do it all over again.

As the WRNL embedded reporter, I will be riding 4 days this year to report back on the carnage – unless I forget to write about it. Know kind reader, as I slowly pull the spandex over my 300 lbs body, skimming by the layers butt cream and icy hot slathered over my hair covered backside – I’m thinking of you.

It’s Monday – who needs a beer!

Bring the wife along on a tandem.

taste my pain!


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