Flippin Flop Fest

Flopping … even at its best, its still a bitch move.  At its worst – its something truely special and magnificent to behold.  Ladies and Gents, read on for WRNL’s tribute to The Flop.

Warrior Baron Davis takes a phantom elbow from Utah’s Momet Okur.

Polorizing Dukey Greg Paulus get knocked on his ass … by the slight breeze from his opponents running past.  The laugh track is a bit lame, but the clip is worth the price of admission.

Soccer literally has so many that it was hard to limit to just a couple representatives – this first one has some sweet British smack talk at the end.  Gilardino of Italy goes down in what they term “deserving censure, if not ridicule” – classic.

Watch out for the depressing Italian music in this one …

Now I’m the first person to make fun of hockey, but finding a flop video proved very hard in the 10-12 minutes I dedicated to the task.  I did find this little gem – which is a flop by even  3rd-grade-schoolgirl fighting standards.

Is a flop a flop if it happens in baseball – more of a fake, but who’s counting?

I’m sure whatever made-for-tv-movie this was it probably flopped … amongst other things.  SFW – As long as you don’t work in Utah or you’re scared.  Again, avoid the audio if at all possible.

And of course, the biggest NFL flop of all time … Theismann is still faking the pain.


2 Responses to Flippin Flop Fest

  1. cyflippinbirdie says:

    Nitrovid.com gets my swing vote approval…congrats men, job well done!

  2. tx_chica says:

    That Pam Anderson clip kinda looks like a Summer Breeze commercial.

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