The Most Interesting Coach in the World

His recruiting footprint is expanding faster than the universe.

At an interview, he asks the questions.

He knows what Meatloaf is referring to in which he won’t do for love.

If you went out to dinner with him, you would feel full even before the food arrived.

37 other division 1 head coaches have him listed as their “Emergency Contact” number.

Officials ask him for permission before calling a penalty.

If he wanted an endzone bowled in. It would have happened already. Twice.

Paul Rhoads is, The Most Interesting Coach in the World!

“Stay thirsty for football my friends


11 Responses to The Most Interesting Coach in the World

  1. Swampfox says:

    Damn it I love Paul Rhoads!
    I just hope I still love him after consecutive 4-7 seasons.

  2. st8te says:

    6-6 or better is not out of the question. If anybody’s pulling it off with this type of schedule it’s CPR.

  3. Mack Brown says:

    At Big 12 media days, the honorable Mr. Rhoads interrupted my press conference and posed this question to me and the reporters.

    PR: “Mack and folks, do you realize that Alaska is bigger than Texas?”

    Paul Rhoads gave me a whole new outlook on shit.

  4. normanunderwood says:

    When Paul Rhoads is interviewed, HE asks the questions.

  5. normanunderwood says:

    I just thought I’d reiterate the point.

  6. st8te says:

    I think I shook his hand once. or maybe that was a nocturnal omission i’m remembering?

  7. TarHeelHawk says:

    Paul Rhoads is a cross dresser

    • I am a Cyentist says:

      I can only assume you mean that Rhoads is so filled with rage for his opponents that he even puts on his pants angrily, making him a cross dresser. ‘Cause I know some trannies, and there’s no way Rhoads is putting on a pair of panties.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. Oleo says:

    Paul Rhoads can believe it’s not butter.

  9. normanunderwood says:

    Paul Rhoads can satisfy women by simply snapping his fingers.

  10. 4Shaw says:

    Paul Rhoads is so proud to be our football coach!

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