First Annual WRNL Golf Outing

Look Boobies


Wide Right & Natty Lite recently held its first annual golf outing at a central Iowa golf course.  A golf course which will not be named because this group is no longer allowed there because we were,  ” overly intoxicated, you have lack of golf etiquette and a general lack of maturity,” as the club house manager told us as he escorted us to the drunk bus.
 Overall it was a great experience, many people had to walk with their dong exposed because they could not hit the ball past the ladies tee.  Many fairways were driven on in non 90 degree angle fashion and one green was actually driven upon, drawing the ire of LeCrazy and the grounds crew.  Beers were drank, beer cart girls were hit on and offended with regularity….good times!

Walking with a group of 5 is not advised if WRNL is the group behind you


We look forward to pissing off all of our bosses again next year by calling in sick,  getting drunk and trying to play some golf.  Leave a comment if you like to partake in some of the fun next time.  

***WRNL will not monetarily help you out if you end up in jail or get divorced because you went to the golf outing, we’re looking at you cjwick***  


7 Responses to First Annual WRNL Golf Outing

  1. JStro02 says:

    I would love to join you guys for some gold next year. Def let me know!

  2. cjwick says:

    you kill one hooker and everyone gets all up in your face

  3. TarHeelHawk says:

    Looks like a bunch of fags.

  4. tx_chica says:

    I’ll drive a beer cart.

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