Réflexions D’un Fou – Part Deux

Editor’s Note: This is a series featuring our resident half-competent 27 year old senile person. When we aren’t making him do tricks for food, or shooting him with paintball guns for amusement, he spends his time chained up in the basement with his 13 inch tube TV, an Apple IIGS (he loves his Oregon Trail), and his thoughts. We present his chronicles to our readers here. Actual sports content will vary, but we promise the mental capacity of the writer will remain constant. The articles will appear unedited (to prove that the American education system is awesome) and continue for as long as LeCrazy is mentally capable, or sees a shiny red ball and chases it across a street, resulting in getting hit by a car.

Baseball Caps.

This rant goes out to the dbags that think a straight billed hat is awesome. You sir are a fucking tool.
It actually gets better when said tool flips the hat to the side and fails to remove the stickers on the hat that are on the bill. Are you a walking promotional for New Era? Some how I doubt it. Are you getting paid to promote the stickers on the Lid you are sporting? I doubt it you fucking tool. You guys piss me off, you people who do this are no doubt the lowest form of human existence. JC I am so sick and tired of seeing this crap….. Its not a good look. My blood pressure probably went up after writing this. So if I have a stroke you know who to blame it on. If you know this guy or dont punch him in the face, I actually wouldnt be offended if you sacrificed his man hood.

Fuck it…….. My rant is over

Reason number 1,731 why flat billed hats are super gay: K-Fed wears them

Ed Hardy makes cologne now too, so you can actually smell like a douche


3 Responses to Réflexions D’un Fou – Part Deux

  1. Josey Wales says:

    Agreed… don’t forget about white oakley’s, crotch rockets, shaved arms, and tanning salon memberships. Along with flat billed caps, these are just a few features of the typical douche bag, or should i say typical University of Iowa male students. Fuckin pussies.

  2. mileyCYrus says:

    Also anything Affliction.

  3. TarHeelHawk says:

    This coming from LeCrazy—a guy (term used loosely–like Rdubb’s S.O.) who is president of the Twighlight fan club. You sir, do not know cool.

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