Tim Tebow touched by an Angel?

We’re all aware of Tim Tebow’s history of self righteousness, humbleness, and dedication to the lord our God, but skeptics still remained.  Is he really the second coming of Jesus? Or an angel walking amongst us?  I have your answer…

Angels have to eat too

Notice any similarities?  Tebow’s rookie haircut is a striking resemblance to the crown of thorns Jesus Christ himself wore before his crucifixion.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It’s a sign people!!!  Jesus is here again in the form of a professional football player!  And here I thought all those “eulogies” during post game interviews were pointless because God doesn’t really care that you were able to win 3 straight games.  Think again….

On Second thought…the Knicks still suck and Jared Jeffries’ entire career is proof God probably doesn’t care.  Either that or God must have forwarded all Jared Jeffries’ emails to the spam folder.


2 Responses to Tim Tebow touched by an Angel?

  1. I am a Cyentist says:

    And on the third day of His wanderings in Denver, Tebow was greeted by his teammates. They welcomed him, and spoke to him as though they knew him. “Tebow,” they said, “Why must thou wear thy hair in such a fashion? Surely you will let us cut it for you?”

    And Tebow was pleased, and acquiesed. Then the Denverites did cut his hair, but did so in a fashion sure to cause much ridicule. And when Tebow viewed his countenance in a mirror, he wailed to the heavens, “My god, why hast thou forsaken me!?”

    And lo, his mother did gaze upon what had been done to her boy and proclaimed, “Verily, I regret not getting that ‘procedure’ done in Manila lo these many years past.”

    BOOM! Religion AND abortion in one comment? This is sending me STRAIGHT to hell.

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