The Recruiting Trail

The ISU coaching staff never stops recruiting, even in times when the materials typically reserved for homecoming lawn displays are being rationed and used to build an ark. sidebar – I hope they take two members of every sorority, after all we’re going to need loose women in the future. But back to recruiting… ISU recruiting coordinator Bobby Elliot is always on the prowl for late talent that has slipped between the cracks, or spotting a guy and showing interest before the Texas’ of the world catch wind of him.

That looks like what has happened here. A few young athletes have popped onto ISU’s radar. And when I say “young”, we’re talkin’ hairless.

#36 is reportidly high on our list for the class of 2020. And you can’t argue that the kid has potential, I mean just listen to the cries for help of the other 8 year olds he destroys!

Word from around the Jacobson is that we’re also looking for a specialist to come in on kick off and punt returns. I think we’ve found our man. Hopefully the kid he completely annihilated in the video regains the use of his lower body some time in the near future.

The defense is where we can really use some depth. Let’s at least get a verbal from this kid.

He’ll have to work around the NCAA’s helmet to helmet policy, but that’s something that can be taken care of during spring ball.

Hopefully we can land at least a couple of these kids. I’m thinking by 2020, after 3 or 4 straight big XII/X titles, players of this caliber will be begging us for a scholly. Let’s just hope they don’t kill anyone in the meantime!


7 Responses to The Recruiting Trail

  1. JStro02 says:

    Sweet Jesus! That last one made me hurt!

  2. cjwick says:

    in that last one the kid is compeltely offsides on that kickoff – not that it hurt less

    • cyssormetimbers says:

      our special teams coaches will need to work with him, but the raw talent and thirst for blood is definitely there!!

  3. b1gfckr says:

    I’m going to adopt that 6 year old and ride his talent to pro money

  4. gojackets says:

    lol, on that first clip did anyone hear that parent in the background on that second hit yelling “YEAAHHH YEAAHHH, LIGHT HIM UP, WHEEEEW!” sounded like he had been pregaming in the parking lot or something beforehand.

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