Tailgate with WRNL

There's a whole lot of awesome in this picture.

Join WRNL in kicking off the 2010 Cyclone football season in style. We’ll be drinking, grilling, cup-flipping, bag-tossing, and exchanging awkward sexually-charged glances all in the shadow of the Cyclone holy land: Jack Trice Stadium.

Our inaugural tailgate will take place in Lot G7. This is the newer grass lot directly east of the sand volleyball courts, its the creamy filling to the Haunted Forest & Coldwater golf course sandwich action. Find us by asking anyone in a WRNL t-shirt or follow the golden beam of light from the heavens that we’re sure will be illuminating the tailgate in a divine glow.

Bring your friends, specifically the hot female kind, and spend some time with the WRNL as we knock the dust off our tailgates and fire our livers into high gear for the 2010 football season.


17 Responses to Tailgate with WRNL

  1. The Miz says:

    I’ll be there….will you?

    • cjwick says:

      I hope that’s a question to the congregation and not me – don’t ever question me The Miz.

      I’ll be there.

  2. st8te says:

    Is there any truth to there being coupons?

  3. normanunderwood says:

    Q: Why is st8te such a faggot?

    A: Because he has online conversations with himself (and he likes cock in his mouth).

  4. Swampfox says:

    I thought St8te was a chick.

    • cjwick says:

      nope – turns out its just really really small.

      the boob job, makeup and wig are just his way of expressing himself

  5. normanunderwood says:

    It’s not gay if it’s your own cock, because it’s only gay if you’re giving and not receiving.

  6. Infractions for everyone!

  7. lebartender says:

    UPDATE: Free Donkey rides for all that attend!

  8. normanunderwood says:

    Free Donkey Show courtesy of Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud. St8te is the sexy stud.

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