2010 WRNL Cyclone Season Predictions

With temperatures in the mid-50s these last few nights we have finally been given our sign that football is just around the corner. We are only one week away from Iowa State’s 7 PM kickoff against Northern Illinois in Jack Trice Stadium.

We are only a week away from this sweet, sweet image.

Recently we polled the WRNL writers and friends of the site for their predictions on Iowa State’s season and had them go game-by-game to explain how our beloved Cyclones will fare against their opponents this season.

Without further adieu I present to you the WRNL 2010 Cyclone Football Season Predictions.


NIU: W, 28-10. Offense looks sharp, CPR calls the dogs off.
@Iowa: L, 21-20. Mahoney shanks game winning field goal.
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 32-17. Our run defense plays well, and Arnaud and A-Rob are both healthy.
Texas Tech: W, 35-32. Hold on to your seats kids.
Utah: L, 28-21. Offense hiccups. Hangover from Tech Win.
@Oklahoma: L, 42-28. We hang for 3.5 quarters.
@Texas: L, 35-21. See OU.
Kansas: W, 32-13. These guys suck.
Nebraska: W, 21-17. They still have no offense, we actually have one for this game. Fuck you, NU.
@Colorado: L, 28-24. Score look familiar? Boulder is a nightmare.
Mizzou: W, 35-28. It’s just too cold for Blaine.

Final Record: 7-5 (5-3)


If A-Rob dominates, ISU wins

Apparently he is scared of game-by-game predictions but this is what he had to say:

“I won’t go game by game, but I’m predicting 5-7. I was a Negative Nancy last season predicting 2 wins after Chiziks’ craptastic run and sudden departure. I’m back on the Rhoadshow, but I can’t help but think playing that part of the South is going to take its toll.

I’m thinking wins at UNI, KSU, KU, and finding 2 wins out of NIU, Iowa, Colorado & Mizzou.”


Northern Illinois: W, 28-17. Close game until ISU puts it away late in the 4th
@Iowa: L, 10-17. Iowa capitalizes on a late turnover, just like they always do.
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 42-28. Shoulda thrashed them last year. Payback.
UNI: W, 45-10. We owe them a beating
Texas Tech: L, 48-42. Enough of Leach’s system remains for Tech to rack up the points
Utah: L, 35-28. I just have a bad feeling about this one
@Oklahoma: L, 28-17. We have a 0.081 all-time win percent against OU. We compete for 3 quarters until OU pulls away. Make that 0.079
@Texas: L, 24-21. Lead into 4th quarter, but Texas pulls it off.
Kansas: W, 45-14. Back on track with some sweet revenge for 5 straight years of pain; Turner Gill fills his swear jar.
Nebraska: L, 31-28. Yeah, we didn’t have AA or A-Rob last year, but NU was running all over us. I’m just not feeling it, no matter how bad I want to.
@Colorado: W, 32-21. Break the Folsom curse in our last game there. Have fun in the Pac-12, assbags.
Missouri: W, 20-17 (OT). This time we stick to the ground in OT.

Final Record: 6-6 (4-4). Texas or Pinstripe Bowl.

The Miz

NIU: W, 34-21. Cameron Bell immediately asks for transfer back to ISU
@Iowa: L, 28-21. Leonard Johnson takes moral victory by knocking Stanzi the Panzi out of the game
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 28-23. Mahoney makes all of his extra points for icing on the cake!
UNI: W, 42-14. We don’t almost lose to shit teams like our Eastern Iowa brethren
Texas Tech: W, 14-13. Yah…low scoring shocker
Utah: W, 21-17. Mormons don’t play fair but at least they have multiple wifes
@Oklahoma: L, 34-7. At least we get to spend a day in lovely Norman, OK
@Texas: L, 27-24. Closer than expected…catch them overlooking us
Kansas: W, 26-13. Field goals by the bunches in this game against two teams lacking defenses…who woulda thunk
Nebraska: L, 16-7. Unfortunately don’t think we can repeat even sans Suh
@Colorado: W, 31-28. A-Rob strikes Heisman pose all over Dan Hawkins’ face during post game celebration
Mizzou: L, 37-14. How fitting, we lose our shot at the B12 North title to Mizzou again…hmm I smell conspiracy!

Final Record: 7-5 (4-4)

Uh... Roy. You forgot something.


Northern Illinois: W, 27-17. Close game until the fourth. A-Rob get’s busy and shows why he should have been chosen as an all big XII RB last year.
@Iowa: L, 24-10. Too strong of a team too early in the season; let the mouth breathing begin for another year.
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 33-21. We miss a PAT, but it doesn’t factor into the decision quite as much this time around.
UNI: W, 38-10. Stop talking UNI fan, you sound like a jackass. Shouldn’t you be tailgating at Kinnick about right now anyway?
Texas Tech: L, 24-21. OT win for Tech. We play good enough to win, but don’t make plays down the stretch.
Utah: W, 31-28. CPR is a one woman man, and he isn’t getting done by no polygamist in his own house. Big win for ISU in a close game.
@Oklahoma: L, 38-17. Too big, too strong, too fast and on the road, OU wins rather easily.
@Texas: L, 35-13. This part of the schedule sucks. Lose big in Austin. Thank you sir may I have another?
Kansas: W, 27-17 Clones come home strong after a rough couple weeks, leaving Turner Gill hoping to drown his sorrows in shirly temples.
Nebraska: W, 17-14. Most overrated team in the country. Seriously #9 in the pre-season rankings, are you kidding me? Close game, but Nebraska is sent packing with two straight losses to ISU. The dream of being “back” is officially squashed.
@Colorado: L, 24-17. Why the hell can’t we win in boulder? We have our chances, but CU sneaks away with the win.
Missouri: W, 28-24. Even the farmers give the plows a rest for this one. The Jack is packed and we end the season on a high note.

Final Record: 7-5 (4-4)

We’ll see you at Yankee Stadium for the Pinstripe Bowl!


Northern Illinois: W, 31-20. Huskies will keep it close until turnovers in the 2 half prove to be their undoing.
@Iowa: W, 10-7. Stanzi is in a giving mood on this day. We get three picks, and LJ houses one for our only TD.
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 41-10. Snyder has a heart attack mid 3rd quarter. Revival was not successful.
UNI: W, 24-21. Riding high we are brought back to earth by a close win; no matter though we beat two Hawk fanbases in 1 year.
Texas Tech: L, 31-17. No way in hell we win 5 games in a row. The idiot fringe start calling for coaches to be fired.
Utah: W, 23-21. We make a last second field goal, ya I said it.
@Oklahoma: L, 42-14. We get rick rolled enough said.
@Texas: L, 28-24. We put up one hell of a fight just come up a pussy hair short.
Kansas: W, 52-17. We finally put the Fighting Blue Chickens in their place.
Nebraska: L, 28-17. Suicide watch is in full force on the Mothership.
@Colorado: L, 21-10. A-Rob pulls a hammie the week before.
Missouri: W, 28-21. We end the season on a positive note.

Final Record: 7-5 (3-5)

The Big 12 actually gives ISU a bone and names Rhoads coach of the year.

Get that ball up kid, we need it.


Northern Illinois: W, 35-14. Early jitters give way to a better 2nd half when the defense settles down. Game will give us a glimpse in to the future of our season.
@Iowa: L, 20-17. Heartbreak of a game. We finally get in the end zone but have trouble moving the ball all game. Iowa is just deeper and at home.
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 24-20. This will be closer than people expect since Kansas State will hold on to the ball. Paul Rhoads pisses excellence from across the sidelines to help the defense hold on late.
UNI: W, 42-10. Die in a fire.
Texas Tech: L, 31-28. Texas Tech barely misses a beat as they do not change offensive systems; even if Tommy Tutone is coaching them.
Utah: W, 35-34. Upset alert. ISU comes out motivated after losing a close one to Tech. All the polygamy in the world cannot block a 4th quarter Mahoney field goal.
@Oklahoma: L, 35-17. Oklahoma might be the best team in the Big XII this year.
@Texas: L, 24-17. Like a bad case of razor burn the hangover hangs around just long enough to screw up another matchup.
Kansas: W, 35-17. Turner Gill’s squad will have a hard time putting up points without using shits, fucks, and god damns in their audibles.
Nebraska: W, 17-14. Motivation galore for this one. Rhoads bottles piss, makes the team drink it, and they repeat their performance in Lincoln to send Nebraska packing with two straight losses to ISU.
@Colorado: W, 21-20. Boulder is a house of horrors for ISU but we’re due for a 70 yard field goal in the thin air.
Missouri: L, 35-28. Let down game. Potential North title, history repeats itself.

Final Record: 7-5 (4-4)


Northern Illinois: W, 34-24. Defense starts to give lead away, but steps up in time to win
@Iowa: L, 27-21. Stanzi tries to give game away with a pick six, and Arnaud plays well (aka doesn’t try to find Tyler Sash on every play), but Iowa’s new o-line holds up just well enough to take the win.
(Neutral) Kansas State: W, 31-17. Revenge as Iowa State hits all 4 of their PATs in this game, not that it matters. A-Rob outperforms Daniel Thomas.
UNI: W, 34-17. In a somewhat “down” year for UNI, ISU doesn’t struggle as much as we normally do with UNI, and takes the win easily.
Texas Tech: L, 45-35. Shootout at Jack Trice. Both defenses fold, but offenses come to play.
Utah: W, 23-21. Doubtful we win, but fuck it, screw the Mormons.
@Oklahoma: L, 41-13. No Bradford, No Gresham, No problem. Broyles and Murray roll ISU… though in regular OU-ISU fashion, one OU starter goes down with self-inflicted season-ending injury.
@Texas: L, 38-10. If there’s anything that’s guaranteed on our schedule it’s the DeLoss Dodds crew beating up on us.
Kansas: W, 45-17. Kale Pick lives up to his name and throws a bunch of picks. Arnaud doesn’t miss Darks in the end zone, finds him for 2 TDs. Easy win against the now PG rated, Mangino-less Gayhawks.
Nebraska: L, 13-10. Zac Lee/Cody Green pu-pu platter does just enough to not blow it again. Niles Paul has a fancy sideline catch to seal the win without fumbling in retarded/ridiculous fashion.
@Colorado: W, 20-17. Closer than expected, but we clinch a second straight bowl game. Rhoads makes another speech, Hawkins and son cry into each others’ bosoms.
Missouri: L, 24-20. Another season ending loss to Mizzou, but hey, on the bright side, no Big 12 title on the line.

Final Record: 6-6 (3-5)

As you can tell we drink a fair amount of Cyclone colored Kool-Aid around here; sometimes with Everclear. A bowl game would be overachieving for this team with their youth and schedule but with the right wave of momentum anything is possible in college football.

Check back next Wednesday for our preview of the Northern Illinois game.


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17 Responses to 2010 WRNL Cyclone Season Predictions

  1. alanaldaclone says:

    Are you guys nutZ????

  2. B1gfckr says:

    4-8. You guys are high on crack to think 7-5 would ever happen. Have you ever followed isu?

    • CanAzn says:

      I sort of picked 5-7, so I think 7-5 is a longshot as well, but what would you have predicted last year? certainly not a bowl game.

      • B1gfckr says:

        Your prediction is legit the others are crazy. I would have said 4-8 last year as well so yeah they did 2 beteer then that but our schedule is about 10 times harder this year

      • The Miz says:

        B1 I predicted 6-6 last year and it seems I was spot on while you were 2 games beneath reality. Perhaps it is you that should rethink your prediciton

      • normanunderwood says:

        So picking 6-6 is sane and picking is 7-5 is crazy?

    • Nathan says:

      4-8? Please don’t be a Cyclone fan anymore. We don’t want the negative energy.

  3. tx_chica says:

    I don’t care what you guys do all season, but please, please, please beat Nebraska!!!

  4. I am a Cyentist says:

    A 6-6 or 7-5 record is defintely possible, but ISU is going to have to win all the games they should, and I can’t remember the last time that happened. Granted, Rhoads seems to have added a little fire to the Cyclones, but for as long as I can remember, there are always a few games each season where the Clones snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  5. Frak says:

    Do you guys need any more writers? I’m available unless the room is already too crowded.

  6. 3chris says:

    6 wins is a definate possibility, but as stated by others, ISU must win the games they are suppose to. I’m already jacked for the season to start; can’t wait for Thursday!

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