How Many Underage Hawkeyes Can You Find In This Picture?

Congratulations to those of you who guessed 2! We’re looking at you Mr. Starting Running back with the Mardi Gras bling and dude who no one knows in the back asking for this pic to be kept on the down low… Hampton and Griggs are both underage. Something tells me that that’s not a miniature bowling game set up on the table, nor are they there to collect cans in order to donate the deposit refund to local children’s charities. It’s almost like someone said “lets get the underage boy up front, we want to make sure we get him in the photo right up next to all the booze and our sweet pong table”. I suppose the situation could be worse though, we here at WRNL have it on good authority that no cab drivers were harmed on this particular evening. So that’s a plus!

if they were only natty lights, they very well could have inspired a website one day!

Oh Hawkeyes, has Larry Eustachy taught you nothing? LE rule #1: You don’t allow pictures of yourself drinking alcohol to hit the internet. We all know how well that one turns out!

This photo does bring about a few questions though… whose idea was it to oil each other down and take drunken pictures around the pong table? My best guess would be Bernstine and Hampton, since Robinson appears to be pointing at the men that oiled him. It appears that he is also reacting to Marvin busting a “McNutt” all over his lower back, but one can only speculate. Secondly, where did Jewel get that sweet jailhouse Hawkeye tat? There are overweight women’s breasts in trailer parks all across eastern Iowa that have been waiting years for something of that quality to come along. And finally, who’s behind the camera? One can only assume lots and lots of white women.

All we can do now is sit back and anxiously await this situation to be “handled internally”. After all, most of these guys are starters.