We Did Have Options!

hand written notes just have a personal touch that people always appreciate!

Well, the question has been answered regarding ISU being hung out to dry in conference realignment and the potential changes that had us believing we’d be calling the MAC “home” before long. Where did we stand? A little over a month ago Jaime Pollard slipped the powers that be in the Big East Conference a little note that we can only assume looked similar to that pictured on the left. And the Big East finally gave us an answer, “We think you’re neat!” At least it wasn’t just mom telling us that we were beautiful and that we’d find someone to love us one day. The Big East was interested in ISU as well as KSU, KU, and Missourah. Who’d of thought?

Big East officials stated “We stumbled across ISU’s ad on Craigslist and were immediately interested in looking at them as a candidate for expansion. They had a lot to offer at a fair price and were willing to let a conference slap them around a bit. We like that kind of attitude around here, I mean you try dealing with that bitch Notre Dame all the time”.

It sure is nice to see WRNL getting a little recognition every once in a  while! It’s all in a days work my friends!

Now this will most definitely start debate over whether ISU would have been better off joining the Big East rather than allowing Texas to use us as their breeding mare. But at this point, who really cares. We may be the odd man out in the big XII, but now we have options! Plus, odds are we will be going through this entire expansion deal once again in a few years once the state of Texas inevitably decides to give secession another go. So those of you holding onto Big East aspirations still have something to look forward to.

Finally, those of you; Perrault, Keeler, 90% of Iowa fans, and the rest of those that were salivating over how ISU had no options and was doomed to the MAC, we offer you this…