WRNL pregames with KXNO


Click Here to Listen to Podcast

WRNL contributors Al & Steve were on the Keith & Andy show prior to yesterdays Cyclone victory. Hear what the boys had to say about the Huskies, Big 10 realignment, and why its not safe to stand next to Coach Rhoads’ bus.

Click the KXNO image at the right to listen – starting at minute 37ish


9 Responses to WRNL pregames with KXNO

  1. Jez says:


  2. I am a Cyentist says:

    Wish I could listen, but fast-forwarding 27 minutes? Eff that.

    And where’s the game post? Is everyone hungover in the WRNL flophouse?

  3. 3chris says:

    Maybe they shouldn’t have gang-banged the blowup doll…just sayin’.

  4. 3chris says:

    Very true. Boy did she have some rockhard nips…

  5. Jez says:

    27 minutes? It’s at 29.5 minutes and they’re yakkin’ with the Weather Guy! Or wait. Were you the yay-hoos making noise in the background?

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