About WRNL

Wide Right and Natty Light was put together by a collection of Iowa State fans who felt like we could show the humorous side of being an Iowa State fan. WRNL is in no way affiliated with the Iowa State athletic department and our viewpoints in no way reflect the ISU Athletic Department. All characters and events on this blog — even those based on real life — are likely made up. All personalities are fake. All photos were ganked off the internet and Photoshopped, badly. If you needed that explained to you, then you probably should have left the site already.

You can send us feedback at widerightnattylight@gmail.com or follow us on twitter at @widertnattylt. Thanks for visiting!


8 Responses to About WRNL

  1. misti cox says:

    I think you guys are awesome! I wanna bang you

  2. geronimusclone says:

    And, if you’re female, we want to bang you too.

  3. Emmerson Biggens says:

    Ai papi, that feels good!

    Oh papi, harder!

    AI PAPI Take it easy I can feel it in my stomache!

  4. Lightspeed says:

    let me guest post sometime fuckers.

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