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Primary Sponsor for LeBron-athon Announced!

LeBron's Rehearsal Dinner

As you may have heard, ESPN will be broadcasting the LeBron James signing special tonight at 9/8 p.m. CT. Apparently, LeBron’s representatives requested they be allowed to sell sponsorship for the one-hour special, with the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

A lot of people may suggest that holding a Christmas special type show just to announce where he is signing makes LeBron the most egotistical person on the face of the planet, but alas, not to be outdone, Brett Favre has announced that he will be buying every single sponsorship spot for the special, as well as the custom backdrop for the announcement. Favre had the following comment: “I really just wanted to contribute to a very good cause, the Brett Favre attention whore fund… errr.. I mean the Boys and Girls Club of America.”

Where will LeBron end up?  Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Team Jacob?  ESPN presents it tonight, brought to you by Brett Favre.

Because Everyone Loves a Killer ‘Stache

He gets grooming tips from Burt Reynolds.

This morning, Iowa State University announced the hiring of Bobby Lutz as Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach for the Cyclones. Rumors and speculation about the hire had been swirling for the past month, but today it was officially made official.

Porn 'stache or no, Fred's still one dreamy mofo.

In his first year as Head Coach for the Cyclones, Hoiberg has said he wants an assistant with coaching experience in his corner. Lutz, former head coach for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte,  certainly has that kind of coaching pedigree. But Lutz also brings something else every man wants to Iowa State: a killer mustache.

We at WRNL can’t wait to see what Lutz brings to the staff, both on the court and in the realm of facial hair. We hear Coach Hoiberg has already begun to grow his own cookie duster in honor of the new hire. Welcome to Iowa State, Bobby!

WRNL Exclusive: Nebraska calls up Texas

WRNL was able to intercept a phone call between Nebraska and Texas regarding what happened with the Big XII. Enjoy.

Big 12 Survives!!!

According to Chip Brown, Andy Staples, and ESPN, the Big 12 is staying together. Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott also announced that Texas has declined their Pac-10 invite. Most importantly, the Texas athletic department has made it official. Press conference for 10 AM Tuesday.

It’s a great day to be a Cyclone. Sound off in the comments!

WRNL Asks America: Conference Expansion Edition


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