The Return to Doucheland…errr Deutschland

"Have I told you about Mein Kampf?"

This week WRNL caught up with former Cyclone douchebag Lucca Staiger via telephone interview to ask some questions about his sudden departure from the Iowa State basketball team. Our main question pertained to why he felt the time was right to leave Iowa State and garnered this response:

“Lames so fucking cold. That ass hole white American took my spot, and Lucca Staiger don’t sit on bench. Lucca Staiger play basketball. Bitches don’t fuck bench players. Bitches fuck star players, like Lucca Staiger. I come home hero, I come home and drink good beer, I come home for real women. Who do you say you were again? Lucca Staiger have better things to do. Fuck off United States.” Click.
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